Michelle Hinton

2018 — The Year of the Connected Kitchen

Between self-driving cars, talking home-assistants, and wireless charging, the “future” is quickly seeping into our everyday lives, and the kitchen is ground zero for implementing these advancements.

The connected kitchen already exists with Innit, and “the world’s first connected food platform” is on a mission to bring it to as many households as possible.

Beginning with an app that serves as an entry point to the extensive, cloud-based, culinary ecosystem, Innit takes users through the entire meal creation process — from the store to the table — guiding users to healthier, personalized choices.

New technology in the kitchen means time spent cooking is becoming more efficient and effective, whether that means allowing for more customized meals or encouraging a new level of confidence among homeowners.

Ensuing Confidence in the Kitchen

Innit orchestrates meals to help home chefs cook with confidence and control. From detailed instructional videos and voice guidance to real-time cooking programs based on the appliances you own, this technology can ensure all of your dishes finish on time.

Interacting with Other Appliances

With voice assistance integrations like Google Assistant and partnerships with four of the top appliance manufacturers — LG appliance, GE Appliances, Bosch, and a premium integration with Electrolux — Innit is providing a platform that seamlessly unifies devices and appliances.

Enjoying Personalized Meals

Whether you’re paleo, vegetarian or cutting back on red meats, Innit can recommend healthy and personalized meals based on the diet, allergies and dislikes of your family. From your fingertips, the app can teach homeowners how to swap out ingredients as it quickly updates recipes and directions. 

Photos courtesy of Innit

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