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5 Tips to Create A Luxury Home Gym

Home gyms are becoming a staple in high-end residences across the country, but what actually goes into creating the perfect luxury home gym? Before you begin to design the gym of your dreams in the comfort of your own home, take these five tips into consideration.


Consider what type of flooring might be best for your desired workouts before you begin planning out your home gym. In a guide to creating the ultimate home gym, Zillow writer Natalie Wise mentions to keep flooring in mind based on what kind of workouts you’ll be doing most often. “If you’ll have a ballet barre mounted on the wall, hardwood flooring is best. But for weight-lifting, wood flooring is a poor choice—you want a padded floor that can take the impact of a dropped dumbbell,” says Wise.


Will you want to watch television while you exercise? Do you enjoy listening to your favorite music to get you through your workout? Either way, keep some space open for your high-tech tools, like a television or sound system, that’ll help make your gym days more enjoyable. Plan out exactly where these devices will go in relation to your equipment for optimal use during your workout.

Equipment storage

If you frequently use small equipment like yoga mats, free-weights or exercise balls, consider where you can store these items while they are not in use. By keeping these items on storage racks or in a closet, you can free up as much floor space as possible for your workouts.


Before investing in workout machines, take the time to space out where each machine or piece of equipment will go. “It’s tempting to fill every space in the gym with equipment to get the maximum workout,” Wise says, “But don’t forget to leave room for floor workouts, stretching, step blocks, yoga mats and the like.”

Add Amenities

Simple additions like strategically placed fans or water coolers can make your workout more enjoyable. For even more high-end amenities, consider adding spa-inspired saunas for post-gym relaxation or massage chairs to relieve sore muscles.

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