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A Gift Guide for the Wine Connoisseur

The approaching holiday season can bring forth the difficult task of gift shopping for even those who seem to have everything. Go above and beyond traditional gifts with these wine accessories for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. 

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A decanter that shows off their individual style — a true wine enthusiast knows wine can have a very different taste depending on where it’s poured from. Sediment is left behind in the bottle and flavors in the wine are released when using a decanter. Find a decanter with a special flair for this holiday season.

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Ships Decanter — A contemporary take on a traditional design, the contrast between the broad base and narrow neck in this handmade Ships Decanter makes for a grand statement. One liter capacity. 

                                                              Photo courtesy of  Yellow Octopus

Diamond Glass Wine and Spirit Decanter and Rose Gold Holder — Just like a real diamond, this beautifully crafted decanter catches the light magically. This is a piece sure to attract attention no matter where you choose to display it. The rubber-rimmed solid glass diamond stopper is functional as well as truly eye-catching. The minimalist rose gold metal stand is understated elegance, complementing the decanter rather than detracting from it. 

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An elegant glass is crucial for the perfect bottle of wine. Ichendorf Milano’ Manhattan’ White Wine collection is made up of clean lines that will stand tall on any bar or table. 

A wine rack that displays your favorites. If your friends and family have a wine cellar or other storage for a large number of bottles you can still offer a smaller wine rack or display. These smaller options can display their favorites or the options for the night. These fun choices offer function and a touch of elegance. 

                                                       Photo courtesy of The WallpaperStore

The Pico Wine Rack is made from black iron. The hexagon design is modern and can be stacked on top of each other for even more storage and display options.

                                                             Photo courtesy of The WallpaperStore

The Marblelous’ Wine Holder is a unique addition to your space. Made from Carrara marble, this product can stand tall or lay horizontally to display a single bottle that is sure to stand out. 

                                                            Photo courtesy of Yellow Octopus

Drink your wine at the perfect temperature. Snap Band Wine Bottle Thermometer — Consuming your wine at exactly the correct temperature can transform its flavor. Even a few degrees off the recommended temperature can mean you miss important flavor notes, almost as if you’re tasting a completely different wine! That’s why Vacu Vin has created the Snap Band Wine Thermometer, an easy-to-use thermometer for every size bottle.

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