Michelle Hinton

A New Beginning

Mateus, founded in 1993, has met worldwide success over the years with its popular ceramics in lively, hand-painted colors and decorative patterns that are meant to “tell a story,” according to founder and CEO Teresa Mateus Lundahl. “There’s a story behind everything. For me, it’s about passion for the set table. It’s a love story that will undoubtedly last forever,” Lundahl says.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the design company Mateus recently launched a new collection of ceramics in collaboration with award-winning designer Sam Baron and Costas Voyartzis, founder of the Yatzer design portal. The new collection, called “Mateus meets Sam Baron meets Yatzer,” comprised of plates, a bowl, jug, cup created in a palette of neutral, muted colors, marks a different approach for Mateus. 

The collection pays tribute to the company’s origins as well as the origins of ceramics, “one of mankind’s earliest art forms,” Baron and Voyatzis say. The design duo also note that by showcasing these handmade and hand-painted pieces in a clean, simplistic style, the collection has taken ceramics, and Mateus, to a new level of design. “The contrast between the unglazed structure and then hand-painted color palette gives the pieces a contemporary feel without detracting from their handcrafted appeal,” the duo says. 

Another goal of the collection was to create pieces was to develop pieces that can be easily mixed and matched, according to Lundahl, a goal that was ultimately met through the collaboration and resulted in creating a “new contemporary design language. “I’ve followed Sam and Costas through the years and think their approach to form and design is a good match to our vision at Mateus,” says Lundahl.

All photos courtesy Mateus Photo Bank.

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