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Gothic Glamour Done Right

Spooky styling for homes doesn’t have to be reserved for the Halloween season. Gothic Victorian trends can be achieved in a tasteful, modern way. Here are some ways you can incorporate the elegance of this classic look. 

                  Photo courtesy of AUDENZA.

When it comes to using color in a home, black is an obvious choice, but it doesn’t just have to only be for the walls. Black furniture or accents can subtly incorporate this bold color into any space. If too much black causes eerie vibes then try other rich and vibrant shades. Ocean blue, ruby red and emerald green provide the Gothic opulence without being too harsh. And to balance out the room, add other earthy, warm tone such tans and muted browns. 

                 Photo courtesy of Brabbu Design Forces. 

Achieving a Gothic Victorian look means adding drama into your home. Moldings and a mix of materials structurally helps to accomplish this dramatic feeling. Wood paneling on the wall or wood moldings to the ceiling add Gothic charm. 

              Photo courtesy of Covet House.

               Photo courtesy of Merlyn Showering. 

A black, smokey shower door is a unique and stylish way to add allure to your bathroom. Other ways you can create drama is to mix stone walls with a wood floor, or install a clawfoot bathtub for additional luxury.  

                                            Photo courtesy of Lime Lace.

Little touches like Gothic-style light fixtures give any space old-world sophistication. A hand-finished chandelier or brass candle holder bring a stunning effect.

                             Photo courtesy of Lime Lace.

                 Photo courtesy of Lime Lace.

British lighting company Besselink & Jones recently introduced a new line of Gothic light fixtures. Their Empire lamp shade, pictured below, features Gothic-style pleating and Ecru silk fabric which together produce a glamorous effect.  

              Photo courtesy of Besselink & Jones. 

This trend isn’t exclusive for Middle Age castle — investing in one or two pieces will bring the style’s lavishness to your living space. 


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