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Humanscale Campaign Highlights Real People at Work

Humanscale, a leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic office tools that improve the health and comfort of work life, recently launched a new campaign entitled “Real People, Real Places, Real Work,” to showcase QuickStand Eco, a simple, easy-to-use sit/stand workstation, in a variety of inspiring offices and creative studios. It provides a glimpse into different industries, styles and habits, using real people to show the versatility and adaptability of the product.

“Overall, the office is becoming more collaborative, more personalized and more design centric. What you do and how you do it becomes your ‘workstyle’ that is truly part of your lifestyle,” says Robert Lund of Present Day, the New York-based creative agency responsible for the new campaign. “QuickStand Eco is the next generation in sit/stand solutions, it is designed to fit for any work style and any desk. We wanted to show that by featuring real people, in real places, doing real work.” 

Two different creative studios are utilizing QuickStand Eco in the workplace to show the products features and workplace adaptability: Objective Subject, a visual communications and design firm, and Lori Weitzner Design, a textile firm that is part office, part art studio.  

“We want our office to look clean and elegant,” says David Jalbert-Gagner of the seven-person Objective Subject studio in New York’s Flatiron neighborhood. “So many sit/stand solutions make offices look cluttered and messy, but having a QuickStand Eco supports the way we work and our office’s clean, minimal aesthetic.” 

“Our workspace is very active,” says Rachel Nafis of Lori Weitzner Studio. “We’re always moving around to grab supplies, ask feedback from the rest of the team, and create artwork.  For this reason, it’s convenient to have a standing desk–it allows me to move quickly and easily.”

As large, consumer-facing brands such as Ford, Skype and Pinterest increasingly recognize the value of authentic engagement in an oversaturated creative environment, Humanscale hopes to use this campaign to further develop the human connection they have with their customers, share stories that are true to life and reveal the inherent truths in our collective work behaviors that are sometimes drowned out by the sea of information about the ever-evolving workspace. 

“Humanscale has been about creating simple, functional and ergonomic solutions for real people, real humans, from the beginning,” says Leena Jain, Humanscale’s CMO. “By highlighting business professionals in their respective workspaces, we hope to engage our customers with stories and experiences they can relate to. Health is the new face of luxury. This campaign is meant to inspire people and demonstrate how to seamlessly incorporate wellness into the work environment.” 

Visitors can experience this mission at Humanscale’s showroom in New York’s iconic Grace Building at Bryant Park and at additional activations that will be announced as a continuation of the campaign later this year.

To see Humanscale’s video presentation of QuickStand Eco, click here!

Campaign Credits

Strategy & Creative: Present Day

Director/DP: Mosspark

Production Company: Good Measure

Photographer: Seiji Fujimori

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