Michelle Hinton

Three Bedroom Pieces to Emphasize Summer Fun

With the end of the school year fast approaching, families are stocking up on toys and gear to enjoy the beautiful summer weather to come. To prolong the fun indoors, on rainy or hot days better spent inside, luxury furniture brand Circu has engaging and entertaining bedroom furniture pieces and accessories. Below are several products from their newest 2018 release that are bound to spark the imagination.

Booboo Swing

Inspired by the Lewis Carrol’s masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland, the Booboo swing sofa is here to upgrade any child’s bedroom design. The sofa’s delicate and luxurious aesthetic makes it easy to add to any décor or theme. A perfect merge between comfort and design, the piece is great for children who take after Alice and imagine fantastic worlds from the comfort of their swing. With a reinforced Aluminium and stainless steel frame, synthetic leather and velvet upholstery, this swing chair is carefully handcrafted to give parents the perfect place to bond with their children. 

Animal Stool

With Circu’s Animal Stool collection, children can feel closer to exotic places with even more exotic animals, from deep sea sharks to enormous elephants. Available in fun ice cream colors, like millennial pink, indigo blue or aqua green, this collection not only promises to awake children’s interest in wildlife, but also provides functional storage intended for other toys, books and treasures. 

Bun Van

These lovely Bun Van are unique beds inspired by the iconic ’60s camper van, as well as by the character Fillmore from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars. The fiberglass exterior includes chrome-plated finishes while the inside contains several storage compartments, a bed, television, desk and a sofa. This complete bedroom set is perfectly fitted for a child’s space and offers the feeling of an adventurous road trip. 

Kings & Queens Castle

When bedtime is near, children can feel as if they’ve stepped into their favorite fairytale with this piece. In pastel tones, this majestic bed with additional storage space in the castle towers will transform any bedroom into a royal suite. The details of the castle’s towers create an imaginative space for dreaming, making bedtime feel even more magical.

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